Saturday, September 09, 2006


In today's (Saturday) Wilmington News Journal, an article caught my attention. A candidate for the Delaware State House, a Mr. Fred Jeffrey Boykin, was arrested. Now in Delaware, at least, arrests of political candidates is not something out of the ordinary. I'm no sure if it's a reflection on the flies that are drawn to the flypaper that is public service in the Diamond State or the sad state of the general pool of candidates willing to have their pusses plastered on flyers on telephone poles. But whatever the reason, Delaware has its share of out-of-bounds characters. Mr. Boykin comes from good stock, namely, politics runs in his family's veins. His mother, whose address Mr. Boykin, a mature 53 yr old, lists as his residence for election records, is a former State Representative.

But, politics has changed since then. It's gone, note that I didn't say "risen", to a new level. Candidate Boykin was arrested for allegedly threatening to set fire to a church if the church removed his campaign signs from its lawn. Dot Haislett recounts this voicemail left for her by the alleged candidate.

Identifying himself as God, the alleged candidate said, "All he wants to do is put a sign on your stinkin' lawn. Let him do it. The last church that wouldn't help him burned down." I wonder if God was using a Blackberry or a Razr? Now I realize that God is a smothe-ing kind of guy, but I don't recall him being an arsonist, unless you count the "burning bush" as an act of arson. Andstinkin' lawn? Unless God's a real fan of The Treasure of Sierra Madre, I don't think He'd be using "stinkin'" as an adjective.

(Former) candidate Boykin seems to have a problem with signs and the law. In a prior year, he pleadd gulty to criminal mischief charges for running his truck into a sign outside The News Journal office.

Ms. Haislett was obviously not impressed with the stump speech, be it God or be it the alleged candidate. "He's not somebody I'd vote for", she said, after recounting her phone tale. Tomorrow's sermon at the church, as posted by Silverside Church is "The Complexities of Forgiveness".


I'm starting to think we're missing something with this emphasis on separation of Church & State, particularly when God decides to run. Delaware is starting to make California look ... reasonable.
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