Saturday, September 09, 2006


Remember how we laughed and cringed simultaneously when George Costanza had his "shrinkage" debacle in one of the Seinfeld episodes? So much (mental) anguish. So much (physical) pain.

What can be a worse blow to a man's ego? Can't get worse, right? From a link at Carniola (Corrected! Thnx to Alcessa (where I was once listed as a "beloved commentater and blogger of readable content" but am now just a distant and floating in the fog. Michael! I swear. I do have a valid Slovenian blogging passport!) comes this truly painful episode in a man's life. Oh, Shrinkage, I curseth ye! Oh, Expansion, your pride doth giveth me such pain!

Please note that this story is from the Land of Croats, where women are women and men are perpetually hoisting themselves by their own petard. Yes, we even make sitting in a lounge chair an adventure.

Addendum: When the ever-loving wife heard about this incident she wrote if off to tow things:
1) The infamous Urban Legend scenario.
2) The "crack" news reporting capabilities of the Croatian Fifth Estate.

With a nod in her direction, I'll just pretend to believe it's true. It gives me another reason, though a potentially painful one, to think about the homeland.

Darko, a friendly nudge: it's Car-ni-o-la, not Car-no-li-a... :-)
I don't know, I kinda like the ring of Carnolia.

That said, my soon-to-be-repaired blogroll will soon be, uh, repaired. Apparently yours, and some others, got lost in transition. (Or perhaps there's a deeper conspiracy at work? Cue spooky music.) No, no. It was a glitch that will be fixed -- this I swear!
Alcessa, I had been living in blissful ignorance for over 2 years! Michael's Glory of.. Carnolia has benn listed on my blog as a mis-named site! Immediate corrections are in order.

Michael, I must have been thinking of connolli when I typed..not that Carnolia and connolli are close.
Hmmm, if Michael says he likes it...

Carnolia does in fact appear very often on www.
I put it in my blog at the time it happened, but none of you guys were reading my stuff at the time!

Katja of Yakima Gulag Literary Gazett
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