Wednesday, September 06, 2006

End of Summer News Dregs

Nick Nolte, not the posterboy for Good Health or Got Milk?, was caught, literally, in Dubrovnik recently. Seems the affect of allegedly consuming 40 liters of wine and a "significant" amount of whisky in a 4 days stay in this lovely city was a loss of short term memory.
Here's where the story gets truly wierd. Waiters allegedly had to "chase" him down to pay the tab. When they caught him, he did not object to the waiter about paying.
Making something out of nothing in the Land of Croats.
He paid up, no questions asked, no problems caused.
The fact that they used the words "chased" and "Nick Nolte" in the same sentence stretches the bounds of credulity. Aside from his age, his well-known bum legs, his consumption of mass quantities of fermented grape juice, his fame, how and why would he have taken off on a brisk trot and thus caused the word "chase" to even come up as a plausible verb when connected with the noun, "Nick Nolte", in a sentence?

It's the End of Summer news dregs. Livelying up oneself.

Goodness, I lose short term memory after only two litres of wine! What a guy!
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