Friday, September 15, 2006


A simply gorgeous entry today by Searchie.
A line, "Whenever I watch that scene (from My Best Friend), I cry for the gentle Kinski who was obscured and consumed by the raving, unhinged madman within. We – all of us – contain such multitudes.", to persuade you over here to read. In a five minute read (I tend to dawdle whe I read her entries), she somehow ties in Jonathan Franzen, birdwatching, Klaus Kinski, and the World Trade Center. A succinct cleverness here.

Personally, I'm at an age where my proclivities tend to be classified as character addendums. Not faults or flaws. Not quirks. Addendums. Birdwatching has been an addendum since my son reached his walking/talking stages. Throw in the fact that he proclaimed our feathery friends as "dirbs" and I was hooked on the strolls he, my wife, and I took in various bird-residing areas. If I was in a foul or down mood, a trip into the woods in search of kingfishers or my 2 favorites, the Flicker and the American Kestrel would usually let my mind wander to watching these birds flying or stalking by.

After a particularly tiresome day at work, before I pull onto the interstate, there's a small overgorwn pond by the side of the feeder road. If I'm lucky, I get to see this gorgeous bird or this beauty. Makes the drive home more pleasant. Luckily, I never catch a glimpse of this; that would be a long drive home.

Oh, and Searchie's fav is the tufted titmouse. A pleasure to say. A pleasure to see.

That is indeed a magnificent piece, and your "comments" box will have to be the recepticle of my admiration for her and her prose.

DV - Fun to think that the chances of you having set eyes on the same tufted titmouse, while remote, isn't altogether impossible.
“In a five minute read … she somehow ties in Jonathan Franzen, birdwatching, Klaus Kinski, and the World Trade Center.”

Welcome to my ADD-tinged world, DarkoV, where birdwatching and Kinski craziness can indeed coexist in relative peace. But no Aguirre-like plague of monkeys, please. Nor titmice, tufted or otherwise. Never titmice.

Will you be my agent, please?
Nice birds you get to see on your way home. Really majestic...
Not long ago, I invented the category of "silly" fish, meaning kinds of fish which look really... well, ludicrous, absurd. Like the sort of fish with bright yellow lips or something. And there does exist a bird I find particularly, well, ugly - this one. All this pink, bljeh. (Sorry, dirb. You are allowed to find me silly, too)
Searchie's blog is always delicious and nicely quirky. Reading her stuff is like eating chocolate in the dark.

Children learning language are so much fun. Dirbs - Birds. My eldest would invent a jumble of words like:


and many more. Can you decipher?
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