Monday, August 14, 2006

Iceland Pix

I've been a bit recalcitrant in my duties, namely posting the most googled current picture of Iceland. I personally like this shot, titled "Red Belugas" taken in Kleifarvatn, Iceland in April of 2000 as part of a Dale Chihuly exhibit. Alas, this comes in as 92nd most popular Iceland picture. The current most popular one is Hot Pool in Iceland , with this Layne Kennedy snapshot at # 3. The Layne Kennedy picture has been in the top 5 for over a year or so, thanks to the exquisite balance of steam, water, face-cream, and, uhhm, innocent lear factor. I've pointed out Mr. Kennedy's site before. I especially love his picture of the Toronto Islands Bicycle Dive, available for viewing on his site. Not sure what happened to spectacular Glacial Ice Lake picture, as far as rankings go. It's a gorgeous picture and was # 1 until this surfaced. Still. Mr. (Anders) Brownworth's pic rates high in my choices.

There. My blogging duty has been satisfied for the next 3 months.

Seems the Google gods are not shining on me anymore. What do I have to sacrifice?
Those firey plant things look like they landed from space via some sort of "pod" - it wouldn't surprise me to find them talking sooner or later.
Anders, Yeah, I don't get it either. I was thinking to just hand over the Top Ice Pic to you permanently and now...???? Search engines are a bizarre beast.

Stephenesque, Everything's possible in Iceland. I think it's because it's closer to the top of the earth and so it spins faster. That's science as far as I can stretch it.
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