Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Some minor changes/additions/notices.

Michael Manske's Glory of Carnolia has risen from the ashes of some personal computer problem that I wish on no one. He's back and I'm sure 2 months away from the blogging chair will have provided enough material for multiple daily blog entries (Right, Michael? You've got to catch up).

Seesaw's Balkan Scissors is back! She bid adieu July 7th, seemingly opting out on all future entries. And then she returned on July 27th and has been blogging like a house on fire.
Also, her Sarajevo Photblog is also an interesting site as she offers daily pix of various locations in Sarajevo as well as an excellent linkage to daily pix sites from a plethora of different cities and countries. A great addition to anyone's sidebar.

BG Anon, a Brit born in Yugoslavia who has now returned back to size-diminished country offers up a cool-headed and thorough analysis of what's happening in the interior. He blogged at Belgrade Blog and then at B-92. Now he's here. As he referred to me (affectionately, I presume) as the starac of blogging, I offer him good wishes and dobru srecu on his new voice piece.

And, finally, one of my favorites, Mr. Outer Life, has upped his monthly postings to weekly ones. THey are, as they always are, delectable Belgian chocalates to be twirled in the mouth a while before swallowing. A memorable after-taste lingers. Always.

Thank you very much for all your kind words and all your mentioning of my humble blogs.
Likewise thanks for the bigging up!

Starac yes, or the Godfather of Balkanist blogism. :)

You are a much better little goodie (Dobrica) than the other famous Serbian / Balkan Godfather version.
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