Friday, July 21, 2006

Flick Opines

..and while I'm handing out connection tickets, a stopover at Mr. Whisky Prajer is in order for those who haven't already visited or been pointed to that general direction by the ever-awake Michael B. from 2 Blowhards, whose take on WP was, "...reading his postings isn't another wade through someone's opinions; it's more like reading a memoir, or maybe a passage from Nick Hornby. Great sentence (re "Gidget"!): "Think of those heady, crazy days when the two of you were so insanely in love, you were convinced you weren't just beating the odds but breaking the law."

His Movie List to Date:
# 3 Raising Arizona
# 4 Kiki's Delivery Service
# 5 The Limey
# 6 Heat
# 7 From Russia with Love
# 8 The Big Night
# 9 Monsters, Inc
# 10 8 1/2
# 11 Boogie Nights
# 12 Das Boot
# 13 Gidget
# 14 The Filth & The Fury
# 15 Star Wars

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