Friday, July 21, 2006

Do THIS at Home

As a public service to the multitude of D-I-Yers that visit here, I must point out this fabulous entry by Isoglossia. A step-by-step instruction manual, complete with all of the necessary requisite pictures (look closely at the markings on the tools). His writing is clear, charming, and unfailingly funny. If you're a Mac user, you'll especially appreciate this creation of love. Once you're through, you'll have a highly protective colorful addition to your MacBook that you've made all by your lonesome. Cheap, I might add. The added bonus that he didn't mention, most probbaly due to modesty, is that this self-made item is almost theft proof. While other folks are schlepping their laptops in Gucci or Lands End or even Kraft laptop bags, you've got URE-OWN bag, an item (depending on the garishness of the foam or the duct tape) sure to disguise the wealth within. It almost comes with a "No Mugging" guarantee!

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