Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Mama was right

Slow day, so I'll be claiming some scraps from Bob's table. The South Koreans, already famous for their high fan to cheering volume ratio, now have proven that they were brought up the right way.

The reputation of the British fans is legendary; the fact that minimal troubles have arisen at this year's World Cup have to do with the efficiency and doggedness of the German and the British police in keeping the number of professional hooligans entering Germany to a minimum. I'm sure that Xenoverse not being in attendance is also a major reason for the lack of fan calamity. Let's just summarize by saying that, albeit it's a very small minority that's been the casue of it, the Brits' rep as football fans is not a very inviting one. When one's teams fans are on the dreaded Keep Out list, a country's team is not held in particularly high regard.

180 degrees to that (turn around once, lad, and you've got the visual of that) are the South Korean fans. Seems that at the end of a game, in which their team had come back to tie the mighty French, their method of celebration was....cleaning. How better to ingratiate oneself to one's host than to peck-peck after oneself (wasn't able to find a defintion on the Internet for this. Surprising. Elementary school teachers will immediately recognize it as what the kids are asked to do after snack, lunch, or a messy activity). (No Peck's Bad Boy, these folks.)

Now, just to put thing into perspective. The South Koreans are not completely without some human foible. It seems that not cheering enough or not being vigorous enough in one's team's love could get one into trouble.

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