Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Approaching Game Time

That would be a Croatia supporter on the right.
On the right, fella. Yeah, shift your eyes to the right!

So, based on this one Brazil - Croatia fan picture, who do you think is:
1) Going to have a great time at the game?
2) Going to win the game?

Fella, Fella...shift your eyes to the right!

Wait, I'm confused.

Are these fellas "Czechs" or Croats?

Anyway- good luck for your home team!

How about a long lost high school cheer?

My head aches,
my panties too tight,
My hips shake from left to right
Come on, Team, FIGHT, FIGHT FIGHT!

Okay, okay, it's one of those things that need visualization and sound...
This guy, with the Corn Chex on acid shirt (actually, in football-ese, it's called a "kit"...don't ask me why), signifies that he supports Croatia.
The Czechs, who do NOT wear Checked shirts, look like this. Their beer is much better than ours...but then it has to be as the fellows there are not blessed with...non-offputting looks.
And yet he gets served first at the concession stand. Oh wait: that's someone's Bubba passing him the goods...

verification: "zcjneks" Croatian for, "I hope that bastard from Winnipeg refs someone else!"
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