Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Just the Stats, Ma'am

You know that you're condemned to repeat your past if you don't evaluate it, so in a meagre attempt to minimize repetition, I'll stop here to navel-gaze this humble blog via the optics offered up by ExTreme Tracking. Here then some statistics.

Of the visitors to date, migration here was 55.06% due to Internet Explorer 6. Mozilla's Firefox, the Macintosh of Internet engines, accounted for 22.22%, the second highest %, while Mac itself came in third at 6.73%. The Browser Galeon, a satellite launched, I believe, in the Kennedy Administration came in with 1 hit. So, I know I'm getting through to the nether reaches of our solar system, albeit to a machine. Galeon, give my condolenes to Pluto as you pass by; its planet listing days are numbered.

The majority of the visitors/readers, 60.90%, live in the USA. Canada's citizens came in as the second largest % of visitors at 8.45% and I'd say 97.8% of those visits were made by the ever-friendly Whisky Prajer. Thanks, WP. I seem to do well with the Scandanavian countries, as 4 countries are in the top 12. Iceland comes in at 11th, but that's not surprising. It is one of the most literate countries in the world and always on the prowl for something different to peruse. I seem to be but a mere one-shot curiosity in 24 countries; a one-time visit probably made in error. One such country is simply i.d.-ed as Anonymous Proxy. Perhaps that's where the convicted Enron execs will be jailed.
Slovenia is #6, for which I thank Michael and Isoglossia, two sites I heartily recommend.
France is #4 and I have no clue why. Mais, merci beaucoup pour ca.

Iceland was the leading keyword to refer to this site, with the next two highest, Bill and Hicks, referring, of course, to the late great comic, Bill Hicks. In the top 50 words used in a search engine to get here, I'm proud to say, Viagra, sex, nude, and bush never made the list. On the other hand, shmenges and schweik did, but you readers know these are quite the polite and distinguished word.

To all of my 24,802 visitors (measured to date...I was off the track for about 9 months), even the folks who oooopsed here, my thanks to you. Keep those comments coming, they're the knocks on the door letting me know I'm not alone.

One point for Germany, please!
My apologies to Germany! It was the country with the 4th most visitors, so I'll certainly be giving more than one point to Deutschland.
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