Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Linkage (of the non-digestible type)

Recent blog sites added for our mutual enjoyment:

Dooney's Cafe to the Daily Clicks. Trying to figure out why Whisky Prajer isn't at this party. I especially enjoy the Dooney's Dictionary. Ambrose Bierce is chuckling somewhere.
Belgrade Blog Tongue in cheek or ridciculously scary, with occassional pictures you never see in newspapers.
Balkan Baby. Writes because he can and the inspiration hits him almost daily.
Estavisti He's Serbian, he's thinking, and he's usually teed off about something. Most probably will develop ulcers before he hits 30.

belated commentary - it would be an honour and a privilege to find myself numbered among the crew of Canuckleheads at Dooney's, but it looks like there is a geographical requirement: those folks are all West Coasters. I like their temperament, though. Maybe I belong on the Rainy Coast?
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