Wednesday, March 29, 2006

What Was I Thinking?

Perhaps it's a bit too early to start (NO!!! NOT) another musical list. But fools tread where....
The title of the new list is:
Top Five Truly Important Teenaged Years Songs that I now view as Truly Idiotic
, or, as the blog's title states:
the What Was I Thinking Song List.
Ground rules are as follows (open to any interpretation or stretching of the participants)
1) Absolute honesty. (Yeah, right.)
2) Participant should be willing to deal with Complete and Utter Ridicule (self-ridicule or commenter's ridicule).
3) Detailed explanation of one's love of the song must be provided along with, if possible, the time (dates are good) one realized what a foolish love this was.
4) Detailed explanation of one's revulsion of the song must be provided.
5) One had to have fallen in love with these "beauties" in the innocence of one's teenage years.
6) These songs must all be despised or at least heartily hated at this point. Any touch of good feelings toward these songs by you automatically disqualifies the song form the list.

I offer this fat pitch of a song list to Whisky Prajer and Cowtown Pattie, who were so instrumental in the Heartbreaking Songs Compendium that Whisky Prajer started.

No rush on the list guys!
I do claim dibs on Emerson, Lake & Palmer's "Lucky Man".

Any and All song categories are acceptable. All singers and songwriters are fair game. A link to a short audio clip of that song would be a big plus, in case the rest of us have led sheltered lives and had not heard the song you're kwetching about.

No time limit. You can roll them out as you please. WP. CP. Are you game?

Game on! (But first I need to post #10 tear jerker then...onward)

And just so's you'll know.... I still adore ELP's "Lucky Man". Moog synthesizer and all...

Man, I dunno ... when you've devoted some of your youth, no matter how short a period that may be, to listening to Christian rock, the list of embarrassing songs actually slips into the darker realm of profound shame. I'll study on this, and let you know.
CP, Great! As for "Lucky Man, I apologize in advance for the (self) ridicule I will be pouring on.

WP, It is a brave person who publically rolls out their shame; I understand your hesitation.
Sounds like the "profound shame" is still too close to the bone. I'm far enough from the teenage years to laugh comfortably. That's probably due to having teenaged kids, whose music is always good for a hoot.
I just came by from Pattie's place. I love the idea, but I'll have to decide whether I'm up for the ridicule.

And I still have some fond feelings for "Lucky Man", too.
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