Friday, March 10, 2006


Sister Mary Aloysious Beelzebub kept a stocked pot of thin bamboo rods by her desk. While short in stature, her reach was extended by the 5 ft. long bamboo rods parked on the right-hand side of her desk. She had an affinity for lightly tapping the wiseacres in the front row. Long a believer of the saying, "Keep your friends close. Keep your enemies closer", she arranged that the witty and the mouthy were seated within the diameter of her extended reach. Her love taps were handed out most frequently when this selected student population tried to usurp her God-given right of full attention. On occassion, she would slap a kid or two who dared to raise an index finger to point, a habit she had an inexplicable aversion for.
So, while ducking the imaginary Dance of The Bamboo rods, I point toward the ever mysterious Searchie who is in Poland. My blog's finger specifically points to her impressions, verbal and photographic, of the most recent entries. My personal favorites happen to involve breakfast and the sharp contrast of the beauty of flowers and the Stalinist architecture of ugly.

I actually don't mind a bit of Brutalist architecture now and then, as long as it's broken up by a row of Austro-Hungarian leftovers.
Searchie's in Poland? I thought all of those pictures were from Universal City or something. I mean, she said "vacation," so I thought...

And I'm sure that's fake food.
You can't comment on her blog, or I would have said how nice that breakfast looked! Except for one small degtail, I can hardly bear to eat turkey! I attempt escape from the U.S. at turkey consuming holidays if at all possible.
Black current nectar sounds like something I want NOW!
oh I love the cute picture with the little black pig!
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