Monday, March 20, 2006

The (Over)Long Goodbye

This site has some interesting man-on-the-street postings about the parade of death and burial event(s) regarding the late Slobodan Milosevic. It was originally pointed out by Eric , from East Ethnia(who seems to have had the same Blogger site problems I did last week. It was as if the ghost of Slobo had reaked revenge on me). There are quite a few rather hilarious jokes already out on the internet regarding Milosevic, emanating from the former components of Yugoslavia. I'd translate some of the funnier ones, but, well, let's just say that the Art of Cursing is a verbal skill long practiced and passed down from parent to child in the former republics of Yugoslavia. The weaving of choice bon mots within everyday speech is probably a by-product of the rug-weaving days of yore. If you can't be creative nad artistic with wool, words will do. It's a good thing there is no tax levyed on curse words as the limited annual income of these former republics would be severely cut back.
I have translated some of these jokes and, even though the receivers of said translations had minimal knowledge of Slobo et al, much laughter resulted.

There are, as yet, no entries in the Croatian or Serbian Alternative Dictionaries. This invaluable resource is a collection of various forms of "bad language" from many languages. Look up Hungarian if you want to know how far behind you are.
Sluggo, No entries! Yipes! I can only assume that my *@(#@^ relatives havd been too ()#@(*(*&( busy to ()*@#)(#(& post any *^*&^ *()* !!#$!$#$ additions.

This will have to eb *&(@#^& remedied shortly. No @(#)*()* entries is simply an ^$&%$&% embarassing ^&5675 state of affairs.
Thanks a f&^#ing lot for the notification!
Ah, yes - the pleasures of cursing in the mother tongue (plaut-dietsch, in my case, which makes a big deal out of bodily fluids both precious and not). Nothing like it, especially when connected to a man responsible for such incredible misery. Word verification for this is "bhihhh", which I believe is Croatian for ... well, it's best to leave that alone.
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