Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Must have been that Terrorism thing...

I'm still stuck in the old school of information acquisition. While I do enjoy getting news on various internet sites, especially if I want to peruse newspapers not readily available, my tendancy is still to go with paper. The kind of paper that leaves your fingers blackened after you've finished reading. So, after a weekend away from printed matter, a pile was awaiting my attention this previous Monday. Making short work of the local rag and the Philly Inqy, it was on to the NYT. Yes, the Sunday NYT is the best issue each week, but with that much paper, you'd figure there would have to be one section that would be appealling.
Saturday's NYT is my favorite.
Perhaps light on the news.
Perhaps news that is light. True, that (or Double True?) (Update: link re-established for this reference)
It just seems that Saturday's version of the NYT is the issue that various reporters in the Arts and the Business sections have a chance to let fly with pet projects or topics.
An article on the back page of the first section caught my eye. As things seem to be falling apart (finally!!) in the Bush administration, so are some of the folks working or previously working there. Cheney's latest escapade is old news (Thanks to Sluggo for this one).
So, up steps Mr. Claude A. Allen, President Bush's top domestic policy advisor. Mr. Bush, applauding Mr. Allen's service stated, "Claude is a good and compassionate man, and he has my deep respect and my gratitude. I thank him for his many years of principled and dedicated service to our country".

Well, principles not being what they used to be, it seems Mr. Allen had resigned prior to a certain bit of news being released. Namely, that Mr. Allen was under investigation by the Montgomery County Police Dept for retail theft charges. To the tune of $5,000. His salary, prior to his resignation, was $160,000.

Since his expertise was in the "Domestic policy" arena, I'm wondering how soon before his lawyers somehow tie in his need to steal to the threat of Terrorism. Was he testing our Domestic Retail Refund policy as it applies to IED's?

This may be a misdemeanor for Mr. Allen, but it's got to be somewhat more seriouos for an administration that has continually hit us over the head with their supposed better-than-thou behaviour. Prior to his being an advisor to President Bush, he had been nominated by the same Mr. Bush to the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit.

The story is also here and here .

There was also some talk on NPR that Claude Allen has a twin brother. So, whatcha bet they try to pin this on him somehow.

Or, Mr. Allen will suddenly have some sort of depressive illness and spells of blackouts, or bipolar, or some such other lame excuse...
I recall Bush Sr.'s parting wheeze during his final campaign, "Character counts." It seems his son has a singular eye for people of character (if, by "character", we mean "spurious").
Double True..I can always appreciate the inclusion of the "chronicles (what) of narnia"...an instant web video classic of sorts
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