Friday, March 31, 2006

I am Who You Were

Next to da late Mayor Frank Rizzo and the late Richie Ashburn, no other man in Philly commands as much love and respect as that French-Canadian Bernie Parent. Not only was he a two-time Stanley Cup winning goalie, bur he was and is a loveable character (he's the gentleman beaming all the way to the left). T.O. may have gone, Donovan may start being despised, the Phillies, they will start stinking early this baseball season. But Bernie, he's still da Man. Aside from being involved in various charities, Mr. Parent represents the Flyers at various functions. Being a Stanley Cup winner helps at these functions as Lord Stanley last stayed in Philly 35 years ago.
Bernie Parent also is the spokesman/face/representative of a hair restoration emporium run by a Dr. Gregory Pistone .

Now, there've been some memorable athletes who went on to further fame as the face of tv-pitched products.

Joe DiMaggio and Mr. Coffee spokesperson.

Phil Rizutto and pitchman for The Money Store.

Suzy Chaffee shushing for Chap-Stik.

But these folks were all repping for a product. True, you started associating Mr. Coffee with Mr. Yankee, but you never connected these athletes with any particular person from that company.

Bernie Parent, though, is representing the good Dr. Pistone. Dr. Pistone has now morphed into a retired hockey goalie. I can't come up with a similar advertising gimmick where an athlete has basically transformed a living person and their service into themselves. I don't think the rumours are true that Dr. Pistone operates with one of these on, to keep that personality switch going.

What is it about Hockey and Hair? Bernie is clearly following in the footsteps of his childhood hero, Rocket Richard. Two minutes for looking so good, Parent!
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