Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Une Bon Voyage a Cherche

Searchie, if the Passenger Pigeon were not extinct, I'd be tying a "Have a Good Trip" missive to its leg. Alas, the chance of the pigeon flying are as good as the chances of posting a bid adieu comment on your To Fly Away post.

So, have an exquisite trip and not too many visits to Zubrowka Cesta, at least not without a chaperone.

Just a gentle nudge here.
While I loved your references to Czeslaw Milosz and their incorporation into your blog, I was wondering about the Diane Krall reference. In your post Proust Questionnaire Redux , I'm sure you were meaning to credit Joni Mitchell and not Diane Krall for "A Case of You". While both Canadians, I believe Ms. Krall was probably 10-12 years old when Ms. Mitchell penned this tune. Though a great talent, even Ms. Krall would admit that at 12, she would not have had the life experiences to write a song like that.

Zubrowka! Every misbehavior of mine in recent years has involved the bison and his legendary excretion(s).

But I like Ms. Krall's rendition so much better, DarkoV. Her whiskey contralto sends chills down my spine ... every time.

And thank you for your good wishes. I'll have a Zubrowka just for you, within minutes of landing, if past experience holds true.

Do widzenia.
DV - should Ms. Krall make it onto this continuing list of 10, you will receive a comment indicating that my thoughts on her singing are pretty much in line with your thoughts on Emmylou's.

But this is Searchie's virtual bon voyage card, so I will instead behave and say, "Godspeed, Searchie!"
WP, I am forewarned!!! But no need to fear; I was just trying to correct what I thought was a wrong, namely crediting the writing of Joni Mitchell's song to Ms. Krall. I wasn't questioning Searchie's choice of rendition of the song, simply the authorship credits.

I'm with you regarding Ms. Krall. While quite soothing to the eye and not bad on piano (although, for jazz piano of a feminine variety, I much more prefer another Canadian, Jessica Williams, and the vivacious Brazilian Eliane Elias (speaking of whom, have you ever seen Calle 54? It's a must rent DVD. Scorching. Ms. Elias shows up and, well IMHO, blows away Ms. Krall on the latter's best day)), but just doesn't hit me the right way on vocals. Now, Ms. Krall's husband? Him, I'm crazy about, but I won't have room on the Heartbreak List for Mr. Costello.
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