Monday, February 27, 2006

Things to do While in Slovenia

Just a change of pace from Heartbreak & Misery. This photo comes courtesy of this fine Slovenian, Borut Vidrajz. When there isn't snow, say as in the capital city of Ljubljana, other time-occupying ventures are available such as...Automotive Wakeboarding . Not sure if this is part of the required Slovenian Driving Exam or just kids having fun on rainy days.

Other pics of Wakeboarding in Ljubljana are available here. The Heartbroken series will continue shortly.

"Automotive wakeboarding" - I've had dreams that look like that picture (glad to see the inclusion of Ms. Shocked on your list, BTW).
More Slovak fun, less heartbreak, I say!
Not Slovak, you dumbass.
Stephenesque, Although I would not have put it in the same, ahem, terms that Mr. Anonymous did, there is a slight difference between SLovak & Slovenian. About 300 miles or so difference. An excellent resource, from an American's viewpoint of all things Slovenian is Michael Manske'sblog. The Slovenians are a justly proud people who are just tired of being grouped with another Slavic country.
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