Friday, February 17, 2006

If You Don't Love Jesus, Go to Hell ! proclaims Kinky Friedman at a campaign rally. On CMT, you have a chance to see the Texas Gubernatorial candidate in action, starting tonight at 11:00 pm. Another half-hour show will be broadcast immediatley folowing at 11:30. Mr. Friedman has a (very slight) chance of being the first independant elected as governor since Sam Houston in 1859, despite the best efforts and enthusiasm of one Mrs Cowtown Pattie.
He drives to rallies on occassion in his Yom Kippu Clipper, a vehicle he describes as being able "to stop on a dime and pick(ing) it up." He obviates, with Dwight Yoakam on the correctitude of cigar smoking here. The man has insights and opinions on all and nay topics. His platform on the benefits of shooting friends v. shooting quail should be released shortly. While awaiting that campaign paper, a kindred spirit, Molly Ivins, offers her own take on the Quail debacle.

Kinky had best be gettin' serious as a heart attack pert near soon, or he will lose any hope of success.

'Course his stock and trade is to be anti-government, but even he had best be finding a good soap box, else he will be last in the gubernatorial derby.
Did Kinky really say that?

I thought that was Billy Joe Shaver's line.
You ARE most definitely right, it Billy Joe Shaver's line, as Kinky acknowledged in the program on Friday night. That acknowledgement was immediatley followed by Kinky's claim that since Billy Joe was involved in the campaign, it was his gubernatorial duty to take that line as a candidate's duty.

Did you catch the two shows on CMT?
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