Sunday, February 19, 2006

He Came, like a Grey Ghost

In this fine little write-up, a tale much more interesting than ant of the current crop of whining suburbia raised pop stars. they should all be taken out and forced to learn to ride the rails, before thsy unleash their treacle on on ears. Had a chance to play "Shiek of Araby" from his only commercial release, Grey Ghost, on today's WVUD radio show. Just a simply amazing guy, is Mr. Roosevelt T. Williams.

I rode the rails from time to time, back in '68 and '69. (Nice opening couplet for a blues, eh?) A great many freight trains passed through Beloit, Wisconsin and environs, and I had nothing else to do but study and chase mini-skirts (one more successfully than the other, but neither so successfully that I didn't have plenty of free time.) It probably doesn't count, because I was not a depression hobo, but a college-boy hippie (pronounced "hee-pee scom.") But then again, I'm not a pop star. Question: How many pop stars would still be intolerable if forced to ride the rails for a year? And how many would be even more intolerable? (Drinking Sterno for a year might improve some performances, though.)
'68? '69? Well, while we're dating ourseleves, I was busy jumping onto and then off trams trottling through Zagreb in the Socialist Republic of Yugoslavia. And none of those streetcars were named Desire. More like Mirogoj, Vljestnicka, and Dubravo.
But I was wearing Brando t-shirts then so something counted, besides my tram fare.
They don't even have a broken-down schoolbus named Desire here, either. I think that streetcar is an urban legend.

I don't like to date myself: too expensive, and all of my best lines just get a roll of the eyes. Then I fall asleep just after I've invited myself in for coffee.

Speed-Self-Dating might be interesting, though.
...followed by a stopover @ The Schizophrenic Cafe, where an order to the waiter is, "Sir, I'll have what I'm having".
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