Friday, February 24, 2006

Da Gauntlet

Whisky Prajer has cast a meme Cowtown Pattie's and my way. I've been the bird on his backside cajoling, complaining, haranguing and commentating to a shrill tune on his multiple posts regarding his top ten songs of heartbreak , sorrow, and Kleenex. Batting me away didn't seem to work; I simply hovered out of his hand's range and then alighted back on his shoulders, picking the ticks out of his postings.
Finally, a meme swat from him and I'll be leaving him alone for a bit, while I concoct my own list. I'm sure I'll be posting some juicy bullseyes for him to throw some sharp darts my way. Hey, Fair's Fair.

Here's the blog post that heated it all up and got Ms. Pattie all riled up. She's accepted the challenge and has publicly stated," Game on! But, give me a bit. I wanna make sure I leave Darkov in the dirt...*grin*.

Well, I always say nothing that a nice mop and bucket of water can't clean the dirt up. So, bring your tissues and let the blubbering begin!

Well, sir, it's time to prove you're the tall hog at the trough...

You gonna post one per day, or a bunch at a time?
I'll try to keep up on dailies..but I may falter as my choices may have me reminiscing too much in the pond of ooze and grief.
But, as the Brits say, I'll buck up and do the deed(s).
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