Friday, January 06, 2006

Ratko Mladic, a Philly Guy?

This little article culled from Yakima Gulag Literary Gazette is interesting.
On the run.
On the lam.
Parts unknown.
And yet, Mr. Mladic was still receiving a pension until November, 2005.
He's still out there, waiting to be trapped.
May I suggest setting a trap?
An overloaded Philly Hoagie dropped off at a nice little cafe. Once he's done digesting this little baby, he'll ripe for the picking. And with his financial arrangements, he sure can pass for a Philadelphian, so how is he not going to fall for this? you can even throw in an offer to work on Mayor Street's financial advisory committee. He'd fit right in.

it's a little late but Sretna Nova Godina!
I just hope that they get arrested while dineing, like Mr. Gotovina.
My idea of a nightmare is you are eating a nice meal and then someone arrests you just as they are serveing desert! to me that is very bez kulturno, but it's probably as safe a time to carry out an arrest as any other time, unless rried arresting ME!
There's plenty of great news tucked away in this little article. First, the U.N. got something right besides quadruple-entry bookkeeping. Second, they're forming a NATIONAL COUNCIL; that always works. Third, I'll just bet the continuing refusal of admission to the European Union has leaders staining their pants, yes sir.
Around these parts we call that kind of sandwich "a Tito" - it's shorthand for titanic.
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