Wednesday, January 18, 2006

365 Ways to See a Day

Time on your hands? Like, quite a hefty bit of time? From Drawn! (a favorite site of mine, especially when the day is grey or the night is moonless), here's Tom Judd's Everyday, a site with a drawing for each day of the previous year. It starts with November 8, 2004 and, by clicking the little black arrow on the top right corner of each drawing, ends with November 7, 2005.

For those of us asked, "Well, so what did you do on that Monday in August, you know, the 8th?", a shrug of the shoulders is all we'd be able to muster.
Not so for Mr. Judd. He'd just flip to here and show you exactly what he did.
365 days.
Wow. I was wondering if this all started as a sketch at the kitchen table on 11/08/04, 2:00-ish in the afternnon, too late for lunch, too early for supper, while sipping cold coffee. As each day brought another drawing, I wonder if the lark became the 2 ton hippo, pressure each day until the year was finished. Or, I'm probably reading my own doodling/ciphering to time-tightened results conversion experiences into his own. He probably enjoyed the hell out of himself from Day #1 to Day #365.

And he had more to show off for those days than the most of us. Well, at least myself.

I just have that pesky Gemini gene that won't let me be that dedicated...flighty, I am.

Thanks for the link! See something new everyday.
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