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Well, I thought I'd take advantage of my roots, youth, devoloping years et tous les choses comme ca, by submitting an entry on Carnival of the New Jersey bloggers.
It was a disappointment to read my e-mail today which politely told me to, uhm, shove off/it. Not even a jar of Vaseline was provided.
This is rather a surprise. I've spent more years living and working in Jersey than what seems to be the average age of the participants of this Carnival. And, let's face it, being rejected by Jersey is certainly a low point in one's life. It's like going on a blind date and realizing that you're the half of the date that had been dreaded. Groucho Marx must have had said something about joining and clubs and not wanting to be a member, but I'm too depressed to come up with that concoction. Jeez!! A Jersey reject; who woulda thunk the standards have gone up so high? Sluggo! What's up with this? I'm only 1 Degree of Seperation from Bruce!

Tell 'em to go bite a horse turd.

I'd rather read your blog than any crummy ol' Jersey rag...
Mt dearest, sweetest CP,
Your kind and diplomatic words of encouragement and derision are jsut what this rejected soul needed. If needed, I'm hoping to be able to call in the Texas Rangers to kick some NJ hi-falutin' butt.

Thank You.
Surely telling someone to "shove off" isn't in the spirit of blogging?
What are all of these sly insinuations about "Bruce"? I'm trying to run an anonymous blog here.
I think it's time to have a sit-down. This is bad for business.

Although you didn't hear me whining when I got bounced out of the Croatian Carnival.
Sluggo, my apologies about your rejection from the Croatian Carnival, but you did refuse to cut your pinky off and rules being rules...

Re. Carnival of New Jersey Bloggers rejection:
What was I thinking? As John Gorka, Jersey songwriter and singer said (from his song "I'm from New Jersey", full lyrics available here: )
I'm from New Jersey. I don't expect much.
If the world ended today, I would adjust

My New Jerseynish must be getting diluted by my having lived elsewhere. If I was at full-throttle New Jersey, this little slap to my blog by the Carnival would have elicited a mere shrug. This is what's sad for me (handkerchief dabbing the flood fo tears here), the unforeseen loss of my own New Jersey.
Say it ain't so, Bro?!!?
I hope it makes you feel better to know we tossed a life-long resident of Kearny when he was caught picking the peppers out of his sausage sandwich.
Oh, yeah, forgot to note that John Gorka, previously mentioned NEw Jersey troubadour and songwriter...well, he hasn't lived in Jersey for a while. Last I heard he's living in Bethlehelm, PA. Just another weakening of the Jersey Soul.
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