Saturday, December 17, 2005

Last Chance in 2005

This Sunday (tomorrow for the calendar-challenged) is my last 2005 d.j. shift on WVUD. A gaggle of us middle-aged folks do a gig each Sunday from 9:00 to 12:00 in the morning, choosing our own music and mashing/mixing it together in our individual inimitable styles. No commercials. No bowing to the money gods of Big Music and payola (although cookies and a good stout are readily accepted). So, if you've got time to waste and musical avenues you'd care exploring, tune in at 9:00 am EST, on the interent to The Morning After. I've been a "bit" late on posting my playlists over @ WVUD Playlist. It will be caught up by this week's end for those interested in perusing the songs played.
Selections will include Marah's "Christmas Kind of Town", Magic Slim's "Anything Can Happen", some Tortoise, some Leon Parker, Eartha Kitt, Charles Brown (IMHO, the voice of Christmas, combination of happiness, sadness, and regret), and whatever else strikes me during tonight's late-night sherry-fueled planning session.

My Christmas temperament is such that I have a difficult time moving beyond "novelty" faves: Esquivel's treatment of Here Comes Santa Claus being a classic example. My wife, on the other hand, eschews irony and embraces the genuine. A particular favourite of hers is In Praise of Christmas, the first track on Loreena McKennitt's To Drive the Cold Winter Away (a sublime disc that is disturbing on a very different level from Esquivel!).
Cookies and stout? Oh THAT old favorite evening time snack...
I am listening to it now (10:30am), and there's some woman on playing new-ish folk music
WP Your wife obviously has the true Christmas spirit, declining the offer of irony when truth is readily available. As a lapsed Catholic, the question is not merely the quality of the irony but the quantity. I set my meter on high.

CP I'm looking for the magic cookie recipe that actually incorporates the stout within. Sugeestions are welcome.

Stephenesque I know it's (still) hard for folks to believe Delaware is part of the U.S, specifically the Eastern seaboard, but it's true. We do operate on Eastern Standard Time even though we are the U.S. version of Newfoundland (WP No insult to Canada intended here)
Hmm. I think it's best to just let the Newfs deal with your imprecations.
You missed Phil Spector's Christmas album. It's dreadfully sincere (at least by show-biz standards), but so excessive as to satisfy any ironist's taste for the bizarre.

I'm just reading this post, so I didn't "tune in" (quaint phrase), and thus missed the woman playing folk music. Damn.
Oh I wasn't critiquing, just letting you know that she was playing folky dirge.
Bleak Mouse, re. "...missed the woman playing folk music. Damn."
As with male folksingers, I prefer my female folksingers to be deep in voice and thought. Cast stones in bushels upon me, but that's why I do the Munch Scream and run away to parts unknown, when screechy sounds emanate from a singer's throat. That's why I can't listen to Dan "I'm Sensitive" Fogelberg (Sorry!!! CP), Judy Collins, Joni Mitchell, Iris DeMent, or even Emmilou Harris. I've tried. I can't do it. It's the combination of excessive rhyming, teary warbling, and high pitch that does it for me. I don't think I have a problem with sensitivity of the male or female persuasion; it's the excessive expression of it that curdles my milk. It's the emotive hammering equivalent of that tired refrain "We Will Rock You."
There is only a certain amount of piercing highs a person can take in their lives! Having seen the Vienna Boys Choir, Led Zeppelin w/ Robert Plant, Joni Mitchell. Judy Collins, Iris DeMent, and, yes, Dan Fogelberg, my lifetime quota is filled. I have a permanent hall pass issued by the music gods that allows me to leave, no questions asked, when glass is being threatened to be shattered.

Rant over.
Start rant: I'm really annoyed that I didn't know Darkov had a radio show. Did I miss something in all those music posts he used to make? I tuned in on Monday to see what was on and got the morris dancing music - maybe next year Darkov can let us know more than a day in advance when he'll be broadcasting some Croatian rap? Meanwhile - more importantly - believe it or not - my word verification letters for this comment are "robofox" - amazing!
"Emmylou Harris" - really? Even the Daniel Lanois stuff? I'd argue her voice is taking on the very quality you name.
Stephenesque As I am more than happy to cull any listeners, your comment is noted and I'll try to post early warnings of my 2006 radio appearances.

I hang my head in shame. Yes, even Ms. Harris puts me over the edge.
O.K., then Mr. DarkoV, who does that leave to listen to, at least on the feminine side of the song?

I love, no, adore these voices (in no particular order of rapture)
Sarah Vaughn
Ella (no last name needed, right?)
Cassandra Wilson
Mavis Staples
Bette Midler
Michelle Shocked
Lou Ann Barton
Kathleen Edwards

Holly Cole
Bonnie (ditto, re. last name needed)
Laverne Butler
Federica von Stade (a Jersey girl!!)
Marcia Ball (on most occasions)
Billie Holliday (granted she got her voice up high, but her moodiness cancelled out any annoying ear pierce)
...Shame on me for excluding...
Linda Thompson
Suzanne Vega
and how could I have forgotten Angela Strehli?

Yeah, tha's about it.
Well I slept poorly last night, my big Christmas Eve treat was for ONCE it only took two tries to reach my significant other in Sarajevo, no nonsense of horrible phone lines none of him being out real late, he was a little drunk and I said 'I'm going to have to spank you, because we aren't a little druk together!' Then haveing had enough of really lame syrupy Christmas music, unfortunately Central Planning and the Ministry of Joy here don't let us have any GOOD Christmas music when NPR is done. On NPR there were at least three renditions of 'The Rebel Jesus' it and 'Jesus Was a Carpenter' by Ewan McColl are my favorite Christmas songs.
There are not many sopranos I can take for too long at a time either. I've noticed that here in the States, women with high chirpy voices are about all that's allowed on the radio. I've heard enough Balkans radio now to realize that there's more variety allowed in female voices. The lack of physical perfection doesn't keep people off TV there either, I saw a lot of really nerdy people on TV who would not have been allowed on TV Stateside, I liked that.
Sretan Bozic!
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