Friday, December 30, 2005

Keeping Score. Sort of.

2005 Year End List of Personal Happenings or Happened Upons

# of Happening / Happened Upon

9 Colleges visited for the purpose of making intelligent decisions on regarding the future of my daughter.
6 Colleges applied to by future-seeking daughter.
5 Colleges not applied to by future-seeking daughter even though her father expended large amounts of energy Yosemite Sam jumping and Yellowstone geyser fuming.
20 Years since I last visited the homeland prior to this year’s trip
to Croatia with the family.
0 Times my wife and kids have been to Croatia prior to this year.
6 Times that I was scolded by wait staff in public in Croatia for not teaching my wife and kids how to speak the Croatian.
0 Number of relatives in Croatia who wanted to move to the USA
because it offered a better overall life.
4 Number of immediate family members, including yours truly,
who wanted to move to Croatia for that better overall life thing.
1,329 Number of beautiful women da son counted in Croatia before
his mouth dried out (he’s one of those verbal counters).
0 Quantity of conversation starters offered to da son when he
requsted, "How would you begin a conversation with a woman who has just removed her top so that she can sunbathe all of her assets?"
Countless Number of times we were asked to explain the antics of our
president while vacationing in Croatia.
0 Number of days when I haven’t thought of this summer’s
visit to the Land of Croats.
6 Number of books that Whisky Prajer has recommended and
that I haven’t yet read. (hopefully, but doubtfully, he won’t
recommend any in 2006, so I’ll have a fighting chance to finish
them next year)
1 Number of times I got to see/hear Nick Hornby this year.
75-90 Number of books I donated to charity this year.
4 Number of hours spent in bed afterwards (or is that
afterwords?), recovering from the trauma.
1 Number of times a comic character went by my name in Bleak Mouse's fabulous land of Make Believe.
3 Number too many that the “reliable” Subaru Outback was in
da shop for repairs.
37,425 Number of miles added to my Camry this year.
0 Number of times Camry was in da shop.
30 Factor by which our Internet speed seemed to increase when
we graduated to DSL from dial-up. (Throw away the rotary!!)
20,411 Number of visitors on this blog site to date. Thanks to all who came
and a special peck on both sides of the cheek to those faithful who
come back each week.

Keep your peck away from my cheek.
Wellll, Pilgrim, it's been a great year.

I take that peck and raise ya two...
At least 1 - number of readers that want to move to Croatia after reading your posts. Happy New Year, DV.
A gdje ce mali da pokerene razgovor sa lepoticom kad ne zna jezik?
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