Friday, December 09, 2005

Field Experience

The always informative Slavs of New York has a posting regarding agricultural process and artistry, namely the performance art of one Marina Abramovic. A little blurb from an interview with Ms. Abramovic, a Serb who moved to the Big City, NYC, to stimulate your interest (and yes, she did move to NYC to stimulate your interest specifically) :

In Balkan culture, the sexual organs, male and female, were used as tools for taking evil away, connecting with the forces of nature. I found all these different rituals, going back to the sixteenth century, and staged them in a film. For instance: In the villages there would be lots of rain, which would damage the growing corn—so all the women of the village, from the very young to the very old, would run into the fields and lift their skirts to scare the gods and make the rain stop. It’s an amazing image. There’s nothing pornographic there, and it makes you see your own organs in a completely different light.

In my own experience, when visiting my cousin's farm on the Una river, I was never fortunate enough to witness such local agricultural practices. It may have been due to my constant need to run as the ducks in that village were particularly aggresive. I still shudder each time an AFLAC commercial comes on. Who woulda thunk it; a Twyla Tharp performance happening right over the side of that hill.

While you're at Slavs of New York, give him a vote for his nominated best blog.

Seems like you need to go there again and claim to be a Rain God ... then you can reap the full frontal harvest, so to speak.
...and living in diaspora you lost your ancestors' ability "to use your organs as tool to take evil away", or you would scare the ducks in natural way.

I would vote for Slavs& only if they fix their mistakes.
How could they be sure they weren't scaring the corn away?

But, as the old joke has it, at least they were scaring the elephants away. And the red things.
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