Wednesday, November 30, 2005


With all this avian flu talk flying around, I opted to take the flu shot this year. For me, it's a hit-n-miss affair. Some years I get the shot and I promptly get sick a week or two later. Other years I don't get the shot and I delay getting sick by 3-4 weeks. The only difference seems to be whether I have an extra $20 in my pocket one year as compared to another. Well, as per my history, getting the shot this year resulted in my being sick over the T-day weekend, somewhat appropriate since we gorged on the avian as the shot of the avian sent me into one of those back-of-the-eyeballs throbbing pain, throat/nose congestion, deep-voiced 2 day colds. My ever-loving wife, dispensing dollops of wit as she dispensed rolls of gauze (about that a little later), commented that I seemed to be enjoying my misery as my voice lingered in the Barry White register. I was the Deep Voice of Sick Love.
When not Barrying my ever-loving wife with requests for liquids and meds, I was tabulating the home remedies suggested by family members and tryed by yours truly. I'm sure you folks out there all have your own versions, ones perhaps you'd be willing to share. Here's a few from our sickness domicile.

1) Hot honey (3 tbsp) and lemon juice.
2) Vicks Vapo-rub spread on gauze and wrapped tightly around one's chest.
3) Cloves of unpeeled garlic strung around a string around one's neck.
4) Hot water and lemon. For drinking purposes.
5) A Hat. In my case a favorite old French beret, clomped tightly down on the pate.
6) Covers. Lots of them. When lying on your back, there should be many piled on you that you can't see the opposite wall. Goose down (if you're not allergic) is a vital component, perhaps due to the avian/goose spirit thing happening.
7) Socks. At least two pair on each foot, adding more as the strength of your gait allows.
8) Vaporizers running at high output. You should have to breath through a snorkle because it's so humid in the room.

Any other non-doctor (well, medical doctor) recommendations to add?

You forgot the Jack Daniels Black.

A very necessary ingredient to the lemon and honey tonic.

I took the flu shot too, and have dragged around for the better part of 10 days. Not bad enough to go to bed, just feeling like I had two sandbags tied to each ankle.

Hope you are mending and can removed that gauze veil sometime soon...attractive though it is!

No problem, D., I'll just bill your insurance company.

Don't waste all the Jack Daniels on those scalpels, C.P. I don't want to operate with my hands shaking like this.
No wisdom to add here, except that the JDB medicinal is probably best indulged in shortly before or a judicious time after you've taken other off-the-shelf remedies. The mix-and-match repercussions can be pretty heavy, man.
Ah! Looks like you had a "Curse of the Mummy" themed Thanksgiving. great idea. The cranberry sauce of Amen Ra has always been one of my extra-special favorites.
I have the same deal with the flu shot. God only knows if it helps. Sometimes it seems to hurt. Last year I forgot to get a flu shot. Result: no flus. This year I got one early. So far I've been sick twice.
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