Sunday, October 02, 2005

Pass it On

Just second ayeing Cowtown Pattie's have-a-look-see at Searchblog's entry. And while I'm seconding things, I most definitely want you to go to Bleak Mouse's reaction. The writing in both of these extra-fine blogs is always at a high standard. The duet the two seem to be singing lately, however, is sublime. The writing is bare and, at times, painful. I found myself hesitating through the reading of Bleak Mouse's take quite a few times; the combination of raw nerves and wonderfully crafted passages makes for a roller-coaster of a reading experience.

Searchblog is always a joy (if that word can be used in reference to depression) to visit. She described Bleak Mouse's take as getting to "the perverse nature of this depressive yin and yang". I'd describe her entries the same way, although I do feel queasy at times after visiting her site. She's coping with a serious malady and I leave (occasionally) laughing loudly. I will definitely have friends and family members read her recent entry that includes info on The Three Stooges. "See", I'll say, "Moe, Larry, and even Curly were more than hammer-to-the-head banging cretins. They were sublime and devious in subliminal punning!" Thanks for the Nyuk, Nyuk (do "Nyuk"'s ever occur singularly in Nature?), Ms. Searchblog.

Between the two of them, I'm sure the Black Dog will smile, even if only temporarily.

Hey, laughing is fine. Perhaps I might describe our exchanges as a type of pas de deux a la Nureyev and Fonteyn (although I can't figure out who might make a better Rudy - nyuk, nyuk).
I can't tread into balletic comparisons. While I love watching people dance, ballet is an ennui inducer for me. I know it's hard work, it's destruction for one's feet, and that it's high art. I simply have a hard time dealing with any form of art that doesn't throw in a dash of humor once in a while.
So, if I may point the comparison more toward swing or jazz dancing, as far as the give 'n take of your blog repartee with Mr. Bleak Mouse, I'd feel more complimentary. Not that I'd want to slight Rudy; he seemed such a character and wit when he wasn't heaving dainty women around on the stage.
As long as my vanity is overwhelming my judgment (and vanity is such a charming vice, judgment such a dull virtue), may I suggest Astaire and Rogers? (For those inclined to belittle Rogers's contribution, please note that she countered all of his steps immaculately, made it look easy, made Fred look good, and did it all while wearing high heels. Note to Searchie: Rogers always had great hats and shoes.)

Or (inevitably) Sinatra with Ella Fitzgerald on the DVD Sinatra + Ella + Jobim? I'll even be Ella, provided I don't have to wear a dress. (Sinatra and Jobim might fit even better -- the mordant sadness of "How Insensitive.")

On the other hand, skeptics might wish to draw comparisons to Sonny and Cher.

Ballet: I agree. Ballet bores me to tears. However, I very much like ballet music, so if I close my eyes the better to abstract myself from the leaping and bowing, it's NOT because I am asleep.

Re jazz dance: Have you ever seen old film clips of The Nicholas Brothers (cf., esp., their astounding performance in the 1940s film "Stormy Weather," whose title song, BTW, is a sort of national anthem for depressives) -- ?
hello there. I found you by conducting a search on a term I use often, "Prez-B"
I like the links you've listed, fairly interesting read. I'm old enough to remember "The Little Rascals"
I'm not one to peek n not comment. I'll be back to read more again...
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