Tuesday, October 04, 2005

'Nuff Said

I am a major fan of New Yorker cartoons, and Bruce Eric Kaplan (BEK), by far, provides my favorite mordant social commentary:

“So did the fair princess ever develop melanoma?” (young girl questioning her mother)
BEK's the best. Have both of his books to re-visit after the week's New Yorker doles out its one BEKartoon for the week. However, I found that the LA Weekly also publishes a weekly Kaplan that are not in the New Yorker. you can go to :
to see another good one (and which ones aren't!?!?). When you click on that site, if you change the 36 to 35 or 25, etc. you'll quickly pile through their collection. It's worth it for a hit of BEK.
I'm quite proud to say that my horde of hollow self-perceptions is well-nigh inexhaustible.
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