Friday, October 14, 2005

Misleading Circumstances

It's come to my attention that the higher traffic drawn to this site was not connected with my postings and the resultant high caliber witty repartee n these postings.

(For clever and witty, go to:
Bleak Mouse
Whisky Prajer
Search Blog )

Rather, folks were image-googling for Iceland and this photo came up. Somehow that photo is connected to my blog site. Apologies go out to Mr. Anders Brownworth, whose photo it is. I've mentioned this photograph before as it's been consistently #1 in Google Image search for "Iceland". So, it's Mr. Brownworth' photographical skills that I've been coat-tailling on.

Rather than leave a bad taste in people's mouth when they arrive here expecting spectacular pix of Iceland (which is a spectacularly beautiful place), I set up some other picture links over there on the right, just below the Croatia Travelogue section. So, if you've come here for Iceland pix, you can at least leave here feeling less duped.

Oh, nonsense. I come here for the cleverness and wit and fun. In truth, I don't much care about Iceland.

Just ignore those traffic figures. I know better than to seek them out. If they're low, I'll go into a "nobody loves me" sulk. If they're high, I'll get stage fright and stop posting. If they're medium -- well, I'm not sure what medium IS, but it could go either way.

P.S. Ethnic Icelanders, please spare me your outraged letters. I apologize in advance.
I come here to arrange my travel plans, expeditions to far off lands that I hope will develop into clever and witty journeys.
For some reason, I've become the go to blog for pictures of the Trump Taj Majal. I put one up for the Carnival of NJ Bloggers a couple months ago and have been living on it since. Surely there must be more comprehensive photo coverage elsewhere.
B. Mouse: The check, as they say, is ....

Stephenesque: No fees charged here for non-expert advice. Your travel expeditor will be with you shortly.

Sluggo: You and The Donald must be like this (sorry photo is too incriminating). So, does he comp you for your connection?
Little slow here responding, but no hard feelings there on the coat-tailling. I think it's interesting how Google seems to think your page is the original context. I think Google must have made a change to the way they calculate things. In that case, I should be thanking you for the coat-tailling! All depends on your point of view, I guess. I am, of course, humbled by all your gracious comments.
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