Thursday, October 13, 2005

Men of Action

In a town close to where I knead the daily bread, life's doldrums are being perked up by the community's elected officials. Who needs cable when you've got these Men of Action around. When one's mental acuity is questioned, there's nothing more one can do but saddle up that mowing tractor. All that's missing is a hooping and a hollering of "Let's Roll". This latest escapade, allegedly shredding a newspaper and then leafblowing the tattered remains unto an alleged neighbour's property, may yet result in new legislation being passed here in the Small Wonder. Assault and Battery of Printed Matter. Unless, of course, that printed matter was the Smyrna Sun Times, which may be exempt from the "newspaper" classification.

Hiz Honor, da Mayor, has already been and is currently involved in other legal matters. Namely, the legitimacy of his holding the office.

This article noted that "Mayor Schaeffer defeated Mr. Mullen 678-676 after a nail-biting session of counting absentee ballots that allowed the mayor to overcome a 39-vote deficit from the machine ballots."

The (yet another!!) interesting part of this story is that the loser's attorney, Stephanie Hansen, used to be the president of New Castle County Council, a political body her husband, Chris Roberts, sat on as as a Councilman until he lost a re-election bid partially due to some untimely filed tax problems.

In Delaware the Six Degrees of Seperation rule is honed down to Two Degrees and that's what makes reading the Local section of the News-Journal, the unofficial newspaper for the state, so enjoyable. There's a pretty good chance you'll have met one or two of the characers written about each day. Might even read some of the bloggers jumping in on this story. Here's the initial blog that has been stirring, heating, overcooking the pot. Interesting reading. Stark un-edited vitriol of local character. It even made the NYT as part of a blogger's right to post! As Tip O'Neil may have said, had he still been alive, "All blogging is local."

As far as this Mayor-Councilman story is concerned, I'll be reading the paper and hoping for a tv series. Who knows? Perhaps the mayor's surveillance cameras can be hooked up to the local access channel of cable tv. Have your channel and live it too.

Now is the time to consider running for mayor, Mr. V. Should you get the office, I'd bet real money your cable guys would show up at your hours, thank you very much!
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