Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Keepin' Up with Word Beats

(Larger version of the illustration available here). Communication with one's kids is key to maintaining one's sanity. So, when a friend introduced us to Slang 1 and then we noticed that Slang 2 flashcards were now also available, we immediately discerned we wouldn't get played by our offspring again. The learning experience was relatively painless, the only hurt involved laughing too hard at some of the flash cards. We now feel quite comfortable strolling through the neighborhood store checkout lines knowing we won't be dissed. Well, maybe we will be dissed, but we'll know we are and we'll register a facial reaction that will the young ones in their place.

In addition, here's another source of words, as pointed out by Silfay Hraka. This Wikipedia entry on the (as of now, but most certainly ever-growing) 123 new words added to the American language by The Simpsons has some words I've yet to hear spoken by non-cartoon characters. Must be a slower learning curve on that vocabulary. D'oh is now listed in the Oxford English Dictionary. Words march on.

Poor Granny. Confined to a wheelchair, with sensible shoes and orthopedic stockings and lord knows what invasive procedures and pill-popping regimens. And there her daughter (presumably) and the physician stand idly by, not even bothering to address her as they discuss her most intimate activities. But Granny notices that the doctor says "MAY never freak again." With iron will, tireless exercise, and spirit undaunted, she vows, she will again, by God, grind her buttocks into a worthy groin and/or indulge in sexual relations. Arse longa, vita brevis.
BM, you are the optimist AARP has been searching for. Arse longa indeed.
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