Tuesday, October 04, 2005

It's Slough Time!

Checking the visitors to this fine display of time wasted, I noticed a certain (unknown)individual from Slough, England. For those fans of the original British"The Office", having someone from Slough deign to visit your humble web chateau is a day of exhortation and loud banging of cans. How can one not imagine that the person on the reading end of things is no one other than the "decent but long-suffering everyman Tim, whose ambition and imagination have been crushed out of him by the banality of the life he dreams uselessly of escaping."?
And if not Tim, then perehaps it was David Brent, who is "...as appalling as only reality can be"?
I'm not sure how to take in this visitation. Is this fine person of Slough so bored with his/her job/life/place in the material world that this was the only place left for them to come to?
Was an instant pick-up needed by this person to recover their wits from the (seemingly) slow hand ground pace of life's ambitions in Slough.

My apologies to this reader, if they happen to stop by again. I'm sure Slough is just as nice, if not nicer, than Scranton, PA, the site of the American version of "The Office".

I have had a couple of visits from Iran. Should I be worried?
CP I'd look at those visits as reaching out to get a handle on what real Americans are about. I can't come up with any person's name that would be a better ambassador for the US of A than yourself. After you get tired of the real estate career, perhaps the dimplomatic corps is where you should be.
Depends, DarkoV - what was he looking for?

If it was pr0n or somesuch, probably Gareth.

You must read the poem, Slough, by John Betjeman, which begins...

"Come friendly bombs and rain on Slough,
It isn't fit for people now..."
I live in Slough. Well, it gets worse actually, as I also work in Slough, in an office just outside the Slough Trading Estate (the biggest business park in Europe - doubtless why The Office was based there).

My daily trek from one side of Slough, 2 junctions down the M4 motorway to the office on the other side of Slough is the highlight of my day. I should like to point out however that I do not work in the paper distribution trade. Nor is my name Tim, Gareth or even Dawn.

My boss likes to think of himself as more of a chilled out entertainer than a boss, and will gladly offer me the benefit of his wisdom, regardless of need.

I'm pleased to have found your blog and plan to review it more thoroughly, to see what life there is outside Slough - what a concept!
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