Monday, October 10, 2005

Flickr Test

Click for enlargement Just checking out how this Flickr thing works out. Reign in your judgmental beast, while I'm putzing. Thanks.

Oh, while I'm putzing, I'm sorry to say that I've had to turn on that special stand-up-against-the-wall spread-your-legs arms-high-and-up-over-your-head word verification option on the Comments section, as this site has been hit quite a few times with solicitation spam commentary of the very poorly written type. Hell, if that spam was a bit spiffier, I'd have let them post away. If there's poor writing to be posted at this site, I'll be more than happy to provide my own examples!

Poor devil. Must've splattered like an overripe tomato when he hit that rock there. Would have landed smack on his distended belly, too. Ouch.

Isn't it time we introduced mandatory drug testing for amateur divers?

My imaginative code word is "oglqoe." I like it.
With the lawyers and the PC patrol involved with every sport and public spectacle, it's sad to say that cliff-diving is the lone activity left that allows for Darwinism to seperate the wheat from the chaff, or, should I say, the head from the torso.
I commiserate, but doth protest!

I hate these damn police actions!

Surely, some little wizard-like computer geek could come up with a better mousetrap?
Please. I do object to that hideous word "mousetrap." I'm in favor of a more humane approach, however ineffective.
The spam is getting pretty thick on blogspot. It had to end sometime, but I'm so sorry it did. Bastards...
So sorry BM! I didn't mean to pull your whiskers!
One. OneTwo. OneTwo. One. Mary 'ad a littel lamb - orwoight Jeff? 'Ear me at the back?

Turn it up a bit, Nobby - sounded loik yew said "udeuusxsw". Summat?

Wow - what a great blog! I have one too at
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