Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Damned if you do. Damned if you do.

Do you pick away at your own? Or. Do you brush your fingers through someone else's fur in search of grist for your blog mill? You're potentially booed for either, unless you can carry it off with elan. So, in no particular order, a list of blogs where nit-picking (of oneself or other miscreants) and elan successfully combine:
Whisky Prajer
Unkempt Women
Glory of Carnolia
Outer Life
Bleak Mouse
Texas Trifles
Lileks' Bleats
Sluggo Needs a Nap

Who woulda thunk Nit-Picking could be an art form?

LOL - "nits", tha word of the day!

I prefer the term 'self-absorbed ruminant'.

I do prefer my own; they have a pleasant nutty taste. As for other peoples' nits, I don't like to pick them, but rather gather the ones that have shaken loose.
I think you should include me on your list, though I am not sure why, exactly. (Probably it is because I just want readers, at any cost.) Where truth and vanity coincide . . .
please do not mention nits to me! nits were the curse of my life in San Francisco! I acted as a volunteer school health aide for a time at my kid's school, k my primary job was going over kids to see if indeed they HAD nits and then to educate the parents on my expert means of ridding their kids of this pest. T
I got to be one HELL of an EXPERT nitpicker! oooooj
Oh DarkoV, I liked your entry to my Caption Contest too, but stealing from Danis Tanovic! Well I kinda had to. Now after seeing some other things I wish I'd simply declared a draw or said 'I am now changeing the rules, MY entry is the best!' or something...Oh well.
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