Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Mem's Dry
What with all of the good news that Fats Domino is safe as are Dr. John and Allen Toussaint, no news was available on the whereabouts of Mem Shannon.

As per Mem Shannon's official site, Mem and his band are safe and sound. Mr. Shannon, New Orleans taxi driver extraordinaire and blues musician, has put out some fabulous recordings in the last 10 years, including his latest, "I'm from Phunkville". His "A Cab Driver's Blues" on Rykodisc, with "You Ain't Nothin' Nice" and "My Baby's Been Watching TV", along with taped conversations with some of Mem's fares is still my favorite of his recordings. Things are just a bit rosier knowing Mem's still around.

Perhaps now he can recrod a musical version of "apricots From Chernobyl" in celebration of his liberation from the flood.
Stephenesque Your ability to tie things together with such ingenuity and color must mean that you never have to search the luggage turnstiles; your bag is that triangular sack with the distinctive Bali golden hued cloth tied to it. Unless you always travel carry-on. Which means I'm off completely on this tie in.
I actually travel inside my luggage.
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