Thursday, June 02, 2005

go. Go. GO!!!!
Reading this Multitudes, multitudes post from Mr. Terry Teachout's "About Last Night" served as a Last Call to anyone, including myself, within 3 hours driving time of Philly, to get to the Barnes Museum immediately, while it's still located at North Latch's Lane in Lower Merion.

Is it a pain to make reservations? Yes.
Are the guards a bit persnickety? Yes.
Are the parking rules and the specific attendance time rules a bit much? Yes.

Will you have an art museum experience that will leave you open-mouthed & paaaaf? Yes.

The Barnes collection is to be moved to downtown Philadelphia sometime in the near future. No final date has been defined. If you have any experience with the way things are done...well...not done in Philly, you know the move won't take place when it's supposed to and the place or building where the collection is to be moved to will never be what the Barnes Museum is today. I've only been once, but will be going there at least once more to catch the collection before its quirky vision has been institutionalized. I plead that any of you within driving time do the same. It'll be a long term memory for you. Guaranteed.

But do they sell jigsaw versions of the exhibits in the gift shoppe? I always find this is what distinguishes the wheat from the chaff as far as museums go.
I have been and I will never forget it. Sort of like the Malibu Getty back in the day, but completely different. I was so overwhelmed I went back to the entrance and rented the audio tour thingy to try to make sense of it all. No sense was to be had, of course. I remember the female narrator had to include a reference to "Dr. Barnes" in every sentence. Loved it.
Didn't know the Barnes collection was still on this continent. I second, third and fourth your sentiment completely, DV.
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