Tuesday, February 22, 2005

A pithy review

From Smiling Goat as pointed out by Megan and Murray. Check out "The Store". Can this one pix review be any better? Concise, attractive, humourous, non-damaging to the environment, and tasty (if you happen to have a ginger ale to wash it down with).

Note: Both the picture and the connection to www.smilinggoat.com/crackers.html must be overloaded at this point. If you try to go there, you'll get an error messgae. Hopefully, they'll be able to clear up the matter. The smiling Goat site is well worth a visit and not just for their take on The Gates.

I like the recent spate of orange pics on your usually oh so cyan site.
Seein' cyan so long had me wanderin' & wonderin' if my color was off. Since Orange is now the new pink, a new orangement may be necessary.
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