Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Just a plug for a commercial free, free-spirited, eclectic music choie for your listening pleasure. WVUD, the University of Delaware's student/communtiy radio station, broadcasts out of Newark, Delaware at an underwhelming clip of 1,000 Watts. Listening radius is 30 miles, if the weather conditions are favorable. But, with an Internet connection you can listen to the programs at WVUD on the Net.

Shows (again, without any commercials) are varied. Folk programs, classical music, reggae, (sub continent)Indian music, comedy, New Age, blues, Old fogie, bluegrass, heavy metal ...All presented by a wide age range of student and community radio members. There is no master plan devised by a computer program as to what hasa to be played. The individual taste of each dj is what will turn you on (or off) to the music. There is freedom and, therefore, some unpredictable listening to be had. A partial list of programs and times are here.

Why the plug? Self-interest trying to drum up new ears. Along with 5-6 other folks (not students any longer), I dj a morning show each Sunday, Morning After, form 9:00 to 12:00. The six of us all have varying taste in music, but we all tend to listen to cd's and albums not readily available or listened to. Certainly not music found on most commercial stations. Elitist? No, we're just bored with the centrally controlled dreck available. Choices on my show run from blues to jazz to gospel to folk to r & r. Artists include Magic Slim, Wallace Coleman, Skerik, Cedar Walton, EST, Art Blakey, Monty Alexander, Billy Bragg, & Ozomatli. Somehow, it all dovetails together.

So, feeling in need of a boost on a Sunday @ 9:00 (until 12:00), give us a listen.

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