Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Just Not Fair
It's got to be frustrating and simultaneously pleasureful for the Republicans and, specifically, for you, President Bush, to deal with Kerry. Put your memory into a go-kart and zooooom on back to junior high or even high school. There you are in class with the Kid who was talented both mentally and physically and who worked his tail off to use those talents. Unlike that kid, you were lacking somewhat in both. What you did possess was a talent for drawing in your fellow classmates who felt similarly challenged and humbled by this Kid. It's not that the Kid rubbed your face in his efforts and success; he didn't have to. Word got around.

What you learned was that your Word could get around as well, especially if your Word was vile, suggestive, dismissive, ridculing, and untrue. Your version of the Word somehow cancelled out all of the Kid's deeds. Logically, it all seemed ridiculous that this could happen. It must have been that "Human Nature" deal that makes detective novels and romance thrillers so popular. It was so much easier for folks to believe your Word over his Deeds. This version of the Word brought you your own success and pleasure. It was much easier to tear down then to build up.

Now that Kid is Kerry.
He graduated with honors from the same prestigous university that you scraped by through.
He served in Vietnam, gallantly, while you meandered between Texas & Alabama working on a secret project unbeknowenst to anyone but yourself. You even gave yourself medals for this project.
He takes occassional vacations, where he skis, snowboards, wind surfs, rides motorcycles while you take constant vacations chasing tumbleweeds and leaning on fenceposts.
He's worked successfully in the public prosecutor's office and has been elected 4 times to the US Senate while you somehow went through company failures like occassional hobbies.

So, it's all accumulated to where you can mock his successes, ignore your failures, opine on matters that you are clueless on, and stand a very good chance of being re-elected as the most powerful man on earth.

How we allow you to take advantage of us in this year's presidential campaign is a sad state of affairs. In 2000, it was shame on you for the election that was stolen. In 2004, it will be shame on us for the election we are giving to you.

On a more informative note, please check out the following article(s). From Harry's Place, a different (and candid, not candied) view of some of the participants in the RNC. Please read the comedian's bit carefully. This crowd is the beast we know lives underneath the White House, that's allowed out only when the kiddies are asleep.

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