Thursday, September 02, 2004

Hey!!! Look at MEEEEEEeeeeee!
With heartfelt apologies to the lemur constituency and the accordian playing voting block so dear to the mid-West vote-seekers, I borrow this picture as a visual for the mental anguish I suffered last night. How often do you see a lemur? How often do you see a street-side accordian player? How often do you see a combo of the two? Unless you are imbibing from an early hour each day or you are in need of having your prescription mix being tuned, I think I'm on safe ground stating that the accordian-playing lemur is a combo that is rarely seen.
Unless...of course, you are in NYC, where the extraordinary is the mundane, the galactic is the norm, and where Republicans are sequestered in a protective cocoon of 8 city blocks. There, you have grand size celebrities, like Gov. Schwartzenegger, proclaiming their televison induced conversion to the Republican way, via a broadcast that never happened (Lies and the Crappy Actor (but terrific Bodybuilder) Who Tells Them).
You have a comedy routine executed by Presidential daughters that has set back humour to the days of Nixon playing piano. Then to top it all off, we had Zell Miller, the senator, ex-governor, and practicing thespian delivering the RNC Keynote Speech. Gotta give it to the 'Pubs; gall (or chutzpah, since they're in NYC) in great quantities has been delivered at Madison Square Garden. All that's left is for the earth to start turning in reverse on its axis.
Mr. Miller, standing stiff, delivering stiff, smiling stiff, and....(well you get the idea) spoke with the venom usually associated only with Republicans. It's a shame he didn't bring his trusty pitch fork with him, because the compost was piling high around him. Everything about him was Republican, even his suit. No baggy ill-ironed off the rack special for this guy. Too bad that the political parties aren't like the Roman Catholic Church. If they were, you could have Pope Dashell excommunicating that heretic Miller. But instead, ol' Zell gets to have his cake in the Democratic party and eat it at the RNC in NYC.

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