Thursday, September 02, 2004

Brilliant Move
Thinking some more about last night and (trying) to approach Zell Miller's performance from the cold soul of an assassin's point of view, I have to take my hat off to the Republican's gloves-off approach to their choice of keynote speaker.

What a sure-fire plan.

1) Gather all of the vitriol on one's opponent into one large beaker.
2) Recruit/entice a member of the opponent's group into your cabal.
3) Promise the turncoat an exquisite opportunity of prime performance. The spotlight will shine only on him.
4) Do not feed him for 2-3 days, to rile up all of his digestive juices.
5) Turn on the tele-prompters.
6) Push him out gently onto center stage.
7) Give him the beaker.
8) Turn up the mike.
9) Stand back behind the clothing curtain.

Only good can happen to your party.
1) If he stumbles as he speaks...well, he's a Democrat.
2) If he's viewed as a traitor....well, he's a Democrat.
3) If the speech is well-received...well, he's a Democrat and he knows Kerry and what's behind the scenes, etc.
4) If the speech is not well-recived..well, he's just a bitter Democrat who felt unappreciated by his party.
5) If he looks and sounds like a complete idiot...well, he's a Democrat. What did you expect?
6) If he comes off like William Jennings Bryant...well, aren't we Republicans Ab Fab.

The best the Democrats can hope for is instnat memory loss on the part of folks in the "Undecided" column. Any memory of Miller's perfomance will only do harm to Kerry's chances.

Frankly, "Manchurian Candidate", without the shooting, came to mind watching Zell Miller's robot-like performance. I was not watching a human being; I was seeing an automaton.

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