Friday, August 06, 2004

Spooked What is it about this guy that has the press and the Dems tip-toeing around? The big news out of the Boston Party last week was the backroom planning on how to hold down the attacks on Dubya's Excellent Adventure @ the White House the past four years. Fear of an overpowering media attack by the 'Pubs at any (major) verbal assault against Bush was prevelant. Now that Kerry successfully showed he was capable of a bit of fire and emotion by way of his acceptance speech, we are collectively holding our breath to see what the 'Pubs launch on us at their grazing fest in NYC. Mention of justified protests in NYC by the police and fire departments is causing some consternation among the folks who do not want to wake the beast that is today's Republican Religous Party.
Here's a thoughtful suggestion by Mr. J.P. Barlow, once a Republican and a Grateful Dead lyricist (What a Combo!??!) Take not to the barricades; take toDancing in the Streets. Come on! Maybe the B-52's will show up. Bring your dancing shoes to NYC!

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