Friday, August 27, 2004

Calm & Collected
Now that the oldest offspring is (presumeably) safe, sound, & back at his respective Institute of Higher Learning, availibility of timely information from him is akin to the obtention of the proverbial water from a stone. That's why the Internet is so helpful, especially if the local papers are willing to publish at least a few of their articles online. Perusing The Newark Advocate, an article on the local farming scene jumped out. It was refreshing to see that the small farmer is still around and thriving (or was thriving). In the economic boom that our Prez says we're supposed to be enjoying, it's good to see that there's a fellow American actually enjoying it. Well, maybe it's not a boom but a ba-boom; can't hear too well since my hearing aid was knocked out by the economice explosion.
Since farming is one of the cornerstones of our success and our identity, a story of agricultural thriving is always a welcome read. I do wonder, however, how difficult it must be to be succesful in the field if there are hovering helicopters keeping an eye on your endeavours. "In this case, the helicopter was looking for marijuana plants, which (Mrs.)Tufts soon found out when she saw three sheriff's cruisers pull up to Kern's home on Beecher Road. Tufts said a neighbor told her that deputies were charging someone for allegedly growing marijuana plants in the field.

The news came as a shock to Tufts.

"I've never seen a drug problem out here at all," she said. "All the farmers I know out here are
calm, collected, good citizens." ". Wonder how this calm and collected farming community came to be? Testing of the crop? You have to believe these agricultural artisans noticed a certain the air. And now another small farmer has bit the dust. The entire article is available here.

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