Friday, July 02, 2004

Specializing One's Way to Absurdity

This bit from UK's "Daily Record"... TANNING BUTLER Jun 5 2004


By Craig Mcqueen

"It sounds like the dream job for any red-blooded bloke.

A tanning butler whose sole task is to spend long, hot summer days rubbing sun lotion into the bronzed bodies of beautiful beach babes.

Michael Sheehan is the lucky guy who gets paid to massage figures in a way accountants can only dream of.

And the good news is that there is a vacancy about to open up for what is surely the best job in the world.

Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday Michael patrols the poolside at the exclusive Ritz-Carlton Hotel on Miami's South Beach, carrying a holster full of tanning products.

As well as applying the lotion, he offers expert advice on what products to use based on skin type and sunbathing habits."

I'm trying to make a joke about this, but I feel it's a wasted effort. Life in Florida is just one step from the brink.

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