Friday, July 16, 2004

Future Prez Candidate?

In the tiny, but proud, state of Delaware the movement of our citizens is carefully monitored and reported. John Guare's "Six Degrees of Seperation" is translated to "Two Degrees.." for performance purposes here; it's the scale that we can relate to. In a recent issue of the state's largest newspaper, "The News Journal", the following story appeared. Delaware student gets lost in Connecticut. The young man in question displayed some questionable behaviour brought on by a mighty hunger and the newspaper duly detailed the resulting travelogue. However, I thought the article was short on commentary... or compliments on the general demeanor and responsibility of this young man. In addition to the profuse apolgies offered by this college lad, other George Washingtonian traits were displayed. Whether it was a by-product of the particular strain of fungi he'd ingested or a demostration of his own personal traits, the fact that he was so truthful struck me as pleasantly odd in this time of lying spinoramas heaped on us by our two political parties. Since criminal records will not eliminate one from thought of the presidency these days, I'm keeping my eye on this Mr. Cunnigham. He's only 21 years old. He has not hidden behind his father's or his family's protective cloak in this embarassing (but interesting) escapade, as someone we know had when he was driving under the influence. He actually seems to have been positively influenced by his out-of-body experience while touring the Northeast in a psylocibon cloud. The future of campaign stumping may lay with this escapade. The Republicans should take note.

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