Tuesday, May 18, 2004

So Whatz dat say 'bout me?

Since I'm relatively new (and therfore somewhat on the clueless end of the proficiency scale) with this blogging phenomenon, I'm in the dark as to how the BlogSpot header picks out sites for you, oh gentle reader, it "suggests" you visit, after coming to visit here in "my humble chapeau" (with thanks to "My Favorite Year"). As these sites change often, let me note that today you are being asked to go to "Meet Jewish Singles" or "Meet Sexy Latin Singles".
Perusing my scribblings, nowhere will you find any references, any pictures, or any carnal desires mentioned. To boot, I am not Jewish nor Latin (not that there is anything wrong with being either, neither, or both). I am a Whiter Shade of Pale with my only Jewish proclivities tending toward a large schnoz and a love of Hebrew National frankfurters.
How am I being associated with a drive for dating? Is there a thread of desperation weaving its way through my missives? Is my inner id, Ying, Yang, or Yankee doodle seeping through my keyboarding fingers out there into Bloggle Land? I am in the woods on this question. Not that I'm as high minded as certain other blogs, 2 Blowhards, but I never thought I'd somehow be associated with a multi-ethnic groovy bachelor pad. I don't even own a patch of naugahyde. Any hints as to the Blogger algorithm workings would be appreciated. Just slip a note through my e-mail contact. My curiousity is piqued.

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