Sunday, May 02, 2004

A Mighty Laugh
Based on the re-release of an older Monty Python movie, I did some extensive research (interpret that as, 10 minutes of Googling while appreciating the fine brewing technique of the Pilsen Urquell brewery in Plzen, Czech republic) on humor and God and came up with the following sites, Don't Joke with the Almighty One,
Humor's a small part of My charm, and
Leave the jokes with Me . Total Google hits were 170,000...which would take an eternity to go through, thereby making that task a modern version of the tedious & repetitive tasks to be foisted on someone taking permanent residence Down Under. So, I'll leave that bit of work under "Things to do when I've departed".
That many hits is quite encouraging. It means, at least, that there is plentiful discussion on the Net regarding God & humor. Folks may not react as angrily to the re-issued version as opposed to when Life of Brian was released 25 years ago. Per the press info flooded out by the Pythons (leaking the news is not their forte, although there is definitley a bit of their bathroom humour associated with a leak v. a flood), commercialism was the driving force. Rather than waiting for the "official" 25th anniversary of the film in August of 2004, the Pythons opted to unapologetically ride the coat-tails of one Mr. Mel Gibson and his "Passion".
As Terry Jones was quoted,
".. a wee thing called the "The Passion of the Christ" by some guy named Mel Gibson came along, and suddenly crucifixions, Roman despots and virgin birthing were in the news. We just saw the opportunity and thought we'd take it. We're definitely trying to cash in on Mel's enormous success."
The bans and controversy that Life of Brian roiled up will probably not happen this time around, a fact that Mr. Jones is not too happy about. "It's never a bad thing to get banned a bit. It also gave us a great ad line in Sweden, becasue the Swedes regard the Norwegians as having no sense of humour, and, as it was banned in Norway, the Swedish distributor ran a line that read,"This film is so funny it was banned in Norway"."
With all of the zealotry these days, a chance to see ,"Life of Brian" could not have come at a better time. As documented in the Good Book, if we are created in God's image, the movie can at least prove that even the Big Guy needs a good joke once in a while, especially when we folks down here on earth are acting way over the top.

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